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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

March 29, 2011

One year…twelve months…365 days…that’s how long it has been since I was put on the transplant  list, or the “T” List as I have come to affectionately call it (and hence the name of this blog.
March 29, 2010 – I will forever remember that day.  If I remember correctly, it was a sunny day, much like it is today, but a little warmer than it is today.  This was the day that I met Dr. Pavlakis for the first time, and she went into a little more depth about the transplant than Dr. Hoenig.  But she also said and did one more thing.  She told me that, “as of this day (March 29, 2010), you will now be listed on the national registry for a kidney, and as soon as you leave here I will go and do that.”

Just like that, with those words, I felt what every other kidney transplant patient has felt before me – Oh Shit!
As far as anniversaries go, this is not one that I woke up this morning and began jumping up and down about.  No, no, there will be no balloons or cake or ice cream or cards in the mail…there won’t even be any well wishing anniversary wishes on Facebook.  Not for this anniversary.  Not for this type of anniversary.
There are some who would find this type of anniversary as one to commemorate, and that’s fine…to each his own.  For me though, this is the type of anniversary that I will acknowledge, but there is no need to celebrate. 

How did I acknowledge this day, you ask.  Well, as (dumb) luck would have it (although some would think that this was some sort of neat coincidence and others would speculate that it was fate or cosmic forces were at work), I remembered that this was the date that I was put on the “T” List as I was sitting in the doctor’s office this morning…wait for it…waiting for Dr. Pavlakis!  Maybe I should play the lottery today!


As you know, ordinarily I would probably end my blog entry right there.  But something caught my attention over the weekend that has been bothering me and I wanted to talk about for a minute.
Although this does not have anything to do with kidney disease, per se, it does have to do with treating someone right, someone who has the cards stacked against them.
It was reported that Ina Garten, whom some of you may know from the Food Network as the Barefoot Contessa, was asked by a six year old cancer patient (Enzo), through the Make A Wish Foundation, to meet her and possibly cook with her as his request.  Initially, as it was reported, the Barefoot Contessa could not comply with the request I believe due to scheduling issues.
Ok, I can see this possibly happening once.  But this six year old requested this wish twice, with the same result.  Ms. Garten said that she was unaware of the requests.  Now this was the Make A Wish Foundation requesting on behalf of Enzo…this was not some neighborhood bake sale that was making the request…how could she not know.  She is now in spin control, and is, of course, now meeting with Enzo.
I can’t believe I am saying this, but thank you TMZ.com for bringing this to everyone’s attention.  Good Luck Enzo!

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