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Thursday, June 23, 2011

June 23, 2011

Well, it has been just over two weeks now, and it is amazing how well I feel, with two minor exceptions…
Twice in the last week I had days where I felt as if I was getting a urinary tract infection – I had all the classic symptoms…burning when going, going very frequently, but going and producing very small amounts of urine.  I was good, I did what I was told, I called the transplant center.  They ordered a urinalysis and I produced a sample for them.  The sample came back negative.  However, I was told by my surgeon that what may actually be happening, is the stent that was placed between the ureter (coming from the new kidney) and my bladder may actually be irritating my bladder.  The surgeon said if this continues he would consider taking it out earlier than it is scheduled to come out…early or not, that is one appointment I am not looking forward to – I think I may actually have more anxiety over that appointment than the transplant itself.

Speaking of anxiety, I am still having issues with two things.  The first is with the new kidney.  As great as a gift that Tommy gave me, I am still trying to wrap my head around the fact that I am walking around with a part of him inside of me.  I am extremely grateful, but it is still a little weird – though, I couldn’t imagine a part of anyone else in me but a part of Tommy.

The other thing that is producing a little anxiety is getting use to all of the new medications and just the sheer number of pills I am taking everyday – 32!

My new meds include Prograf and Cellcept, both of which are anti-rejection/immune system suppression medications.  At first the Prograf was giving me headaches, but that seems to have subsided now, and the Cellcept was toying with my gastrointestinal system, but I think I am finally getting use to it.  Other new meds include, Valcyte (anti-viral), Bactrim (antibiotic), Nystatin (anti-fungal), Pepsid (to reduce the incidences of stomach ulcers since these new meds can do a number on your stomach), and Imdur (Heart…since I had some minor angina after the transplant).  So far, keeping with the med schedule has been fairly easy since my doctors set it up that I take meds only twice per day, so I do it at 8am and 8pm…and also keeping with the amount of water they want me to drink (1½ - 2 liters per day) has been easier than I thought it would be.

Next up…I get my staples removed next week – I can’t wait, because they are at the point now where I want to start pulling them out myself, though I know that would not be a pretty or pleasant experience.

If you, or someone you know is interested in organ donation, please contact: www.neod.org; www.donatelifenewengland.org, www.organdonor.gov; www.unos.org; www.donatelife.net; www.organtransplants.org; or  www.thewaitinglist.org


  1. Hi Michael. So glad you are doing well. Try to relax. The first year is filled with paranoia and anxiety. It fades with time. Your first infection/cold will go a long ways towards relaxing you and you will find that it is not so bad. Also, your med levels and amounts will decrease with time so the amount of pills will also decrease. Use that hand sanitizer!!